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Onboarding for your clients

For partners who build powerful HubSpot portals

Get your clients up and running on HubSpot

Our onboarding experts work with you to create a customised experience that includes technical configuration, integrations, migrations, and support.



Fast-track your clients' onboarding with PartnerHub

We typically complete onboarding within 30 days and prioritise goals based on your clients’ needs.

30 days

avg. time for onboarding

HubSpot Onboarding Process

Our goal is to fast-track HubSpot onboarding for your clients. Our technical and strategic experts work with you to deliver a personalised portal and professional training to get more clients up and running in less time.


Kickoff call to uncover your clients’ needs

The first step in our onboarding is to better understand you, your client, and their business goals. We build a clear plan with a roadmap that includes the best way to implement HubSpot successfully.


Guidance on capturing goals and converting them into a high-performance HubSpot portal

Every business is different, but our process remains the same. We focus on 3 to 4 mission-critical goals and guide you through setting up your client’s HubSpot portal for success.


On-demand technical assistance for setup, integrations, lead scoring, migrations, and more

To ensure your clients’ HubSpot portal is fine-tuned for performance, we can help with technical support when you need it. Whether setting up chatbots, scoring leads, blog migration, or content automation – our technical experts are ready to help you.



We never interact with your clients without your approval, we serve as an extension of your team.


Upsell opportunity? We’ll provide a custom quote for you to approve with your clients.


Transparency and communication is the secret ingredient behind our growth-focused partner solutions

HubSpot Onboarding - Simplified


Moving to a new CRM can feel overwhelming for managers and reps alike. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible with a detailed plan for getting your team set up and running.

Our onboarding solution is for you if:

You are a HubSpot Elite, Diamond, Platinum, Gold or new partners

Your clients are invested in HubSpot Pro/Enterprise

You have ambition to grow your company

What you get with this solution:

HubSpot Onboarding Specialist – to guide you and your clients on how to use their HubSpot portal from start to finish

Customized Onboarding – we replicate the Hubspot onboarding process and we will inform you of any upsell or cross-sell opportunities for your client

Simple contracts – we never lock partners into unreasonable agreements unless you enjoy working with us, we continue; if you don’t (which we doubt) we stop the partnership. It's that simple

HubSpot Onboarding FAQ

Which HubSpot products can you onboard?

All professional and enterprise products.

How is PartherHub different from a HubSpot Partner? ( We are a Solutions Provider for Partners Only)

We are not your competitor. Instead, we complement the HubSpot services you provide through on-demand technical expertise and support to help you grow as well as.

What is the cost of onboarding?

Every business is unique and that makes onboarding a complex (but rewarding) journey for every client. Schedule a call so we can offer a specific solution based on your situation.

Why should I consider PartnerHub?

If you’re a HubSpot Diamond or Elite Partner that needs a faster, reliable way to scale operations – that’s what we’re here for.

We’re continuously building a team of technical experts who can meet the growing demand for HubSpot solutions.

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes helper with the resources and people power that allows you (and your clients) to scale better in the digital transformation era.

Give your clients a personalized
onboarding experience

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